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Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies


The song whose main riff Kurt Cobain admitted to having ripped off for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Got to hear it last night here at Coachella 2014.

"In the sleepy west of the woody east / Is a valley called the Pioneer / We’re not just kids to say the least / We got ideas to us that’s dear / Like capitalist, like communist / Like lots of things you’ve heard about / And redneckers they get us pissed / And stupid stuff it makes us shout / Oh dance with me oh don’t be shy / Oh kiss me cunt oh kiss me cock / Oh kiss the world oh kiss the sky / Oh kiss my ass oh let it rock / Of the April birds and the May bee / Oh baby / It’s educational”

I’m digging the new Asher Roth stuff…

@NahRight & @UpNorthTrips Present: The #Illmatic20 Tribute Mixtape

Twenty years ago today, a 20 year-old kid from the Queensbridge projects released what now stands as one of the most important albums in Hip-Hop history. An instant classic, Illmatic would be studied and celebrated over the next two decades, held aloft as the standard for everything Rap music was and had the potential to be. It’s one of the most flawless bodies of work ever recorded, in any genre, and it is widely recognized as the defining work of an entire era of Rap. The impact of this 10 track masterpiece is almost immeasurable, yet you can still hear it bleeding through in the bars of artists the world over to this very day.

And so we wanted to pay tribute to this remarkable record in a manner befitting a piece of art that has meant so much to all of us and to so many others for so long. We reached out to the new generation of New York MCs and asked them to join us in paying homage to Nas and his magnum opus over the same timeless tracks that underscored his historic bars back in 1994. Needless to say, if you were born or raised in the boroughs, Nas’ music has touched you in one way or another, and an amazingly talented array of artists stepped up to honor Esco.

Featuring contributions from Al-Doe, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Troy Ave, Bodega Bamz, YC The Cynic, Denzil Porter, Smoke DZA, Doley Bernays, Timeless Truth, Euro League, Pete from Bitches Is Crazy, The Incomparable Shakespeare and SHIRT, this project is as much a showcase of the homegrown talent that has been reinvigorating the NY Rap scene over the last couple of years as it is a thank you letter to Nasir Jones. And really, what higher praise is there than that which comes from a generation of artists that cite you as a direct influence? So settle in and join us as we salute Nas on 20 years in the game, here’s to 20 more!

Mixed by @UnitedCrates

Community rewatch - 1x04 (Social Psychology)

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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion f/ Mike D and Beck - Flavor

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - She’s On It/Jack The Ripper


Husky Fail!! DNA tests have confirmed that Laika is actually half Malamute, a breed named for its ability to physically mute other animals.


Last night Kevin Durant dropped 42 points and clinched his fourth career NBA scoring title. Durant averaged a career-high 32.0 ppg.Get buckets, KD. GET BUCKETS. GIF via @foxadhd


Last night Kevin Durant dropped 42 points and clinched his fourth career NBA scoring title. Durant averaged a career-high 32.0 ppg.

Get buckets, KD. GET BUCKETS. GIF via @foxadhd


*drops mic*

Madlib makes a beat from scratch…

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Wonder Woman